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Care 2 Share?

A songwriting workshop for children of all ages.

We have crafted this workshop to promote the importance of teamwork, communal support, and self-development. Did you know, Songwriting can lead to other long term skills and accomplishments. Children who practice music/songwriting can achieve higher IQs, higher test scores and better spatial-temporal skills. Songwriting is also a great way for children to process their feelings in a positive, constructive way.

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The Write Refuge

The Write Refuge was created for people that for whatever reason, have lost the foundation of their homes, families and communities to unfortunate events in their life. We have a lot of experience working with people suffering from depression, anger, addiction, anxiety & sadness etc...and we understand this can be a tough time to get through. This workshop provides a safe & supportive space for people suffering to find a creative outlet to express themselves in a positive and constructive way.

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Music Medicine

It brings us great honour to bring the magic of music into the lives of any child suffering from sickness, injury or disability.

Live music in hospital has been found to enhance the quality of the aesthetic environment of the hospital, with both patients and staff stating that listening to live music helped them to relax, feel happier and more positive. Our intention behind this workshop is to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment for the children to enjoy their hospital experience even more!



Private Parties

Our Nurture Nature workshop will be held in all the local towns we pass through to help bring communities together, promote health, wellbeing, environmental awareness and the importance of keeping our country clean.

We will organise and promote these events a month prior to the clean up in your local area. Before the clean up we offer a free morning yoga/meditation class and environmental awareness talk with our professionals at the location.

Don't destroy what you've come to enjoy!


The Co.Lab

A travelling open stage creating a unique space for like-minded locals to network, share ideas, support, inspire and create together. 

For one night only we transform your venue into a comfy, candlelit, intimate space for your community to get together and share their talents ranging from music, spoken word, poetry, comedy, storytelling, self-promotion for new creative endeavours and whatever else they wish to share.

Bring your family & friends to enjoy the night, everyone is welcome.


Care 4 Music?

Music has been used to treat a number of conditions in people of all ages. No matter what the type of music, be it jazz, classical, soul or country etc.. the benefits of listening to music regularly are significant. neuroscientists have discovered that music stimulates the brain to release dopamine, a brain chemical known as a 'feel-good' hormone, responsible for feelings of elation, bliss and motivation.

We here at Culture Seed Collective wish to help cultivate this joy into the lives of the elderly that now spend their days in a home of care.

Nurture Nature

Corporate Events
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